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Ergonomic Office Chair
Easy Office Chair Assembly...
.... typical office chair assembly video

Champion Seating Channel

Shipped direct to you. No middleman fees such as
expensive delivery trucks, warehouse and distribution costs,
No Commissions... Saves you $$$$...You WIN!!!!!

Tools required: NONE

Time required: Approx. 5-10 minutes

Assembly: Your carton will contain instructions as how to assemble your chair.
This is minor assembly taking a few minutes per chair, and no special tools.

Your carton will contain:

  • 1 ea. back assembly...ready to be attached to the seat with 3 bolts
    (Allen wrench included).
  • 1 ea. chair frame (seat) assembly and the arms ready for easy installation.
  • 1 ea. gas lift cylinder with telescopic cover.
  • 1 ea. five (5) star base with snap in casters.
Step 1.
Remove all components from carton, and remove all wrapping. Attach the arms to the seat, then the seat to back with the 3 bolts provided. Carefully place the combined seat and back assembly face down on the floor.
Assembly1.jpg (10342 bytes)
Step 2.
Place the small diameter end of the Gas lift Cylinder into the centered hole located on the bottom of the Chair Frame Assembly with the telescoping sleeve in place, into the hole on the bottom of the chair control mechanism (the black metal device of which the levers/paddles are) .

Note: Make sure the three piece Telescopic Cover is installed on the Gas lift Cylinder before you place the cylinder into chair.
Assembly2.jpg (9087 bytes)
Step 3.
Insert the bottom of the cylinder into the hole at the center of the 5-star base castors should already be snapped in.
Assembly3.jpg (9535 bytes)
Step 4.
As you return the chair to its upright position, the various components will settle into place. Refer to the website "Adjust your MVP" for personally fitting the chair to you!
Assembly4.jpg (11492 bytes)

For those who want someone else to unpack and/or install your chairs...
...US Nationwide...We Suggest... 1-800-978-2669
Usually a $40.00 minimum and $10.00 for every chair after the first 4.
They can be at your facility within 24 hours of product arrival.

ready to assemble

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